Vision & Mission
   One thought, one decision, one faith. It can make all the difference. A young entrepreneur Mr. Milan Parikh has started Golden Homes Trading Corporation in Bangalore on 1st of October 1997 with an aim to pursue innovativeness in the conventional industry of Real Estate. At that point of time, all he had with him was his prior experience and confidence. This proved to be enough to create a new world or rather to shake the old one. His complete confidence and ability directed him to see the concrete world with a greater insight. In the year 2006, he extended his business to Hubli, North Karnataka region and launched “The Golden Hill Lock” – huge Layout project comprising 83 Acres land of lush green on Hubli-Karwar highway when the rest of the builders flocked to dream only growing cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin & Chennai. This was the time, when others never dreamt & saw this northern part of Karnataka as a poor investment but he saw it as his milepost. A Five year project was completed within three years period well in ahead of schedule.

  Not to forget, an impressive annual growth rate every year. He believes that the credit for this great leap goes to his customers. To him the customer is an inspiration and working for his comforts, a passion and desire.

  Accurate in his decisions, strict in his management, uncompromising in his wants, clear in his directions and loyal to his customers is what makes Mr. Milan Parikh himself as a successful entrepreneur. After all, not everyone rates one’s happiness in proportion to his customers’ satisfaction and happiness.

  With the humble motive of providing safe and easy investment opportunities to the middle class who always dream of owning a property but cannot afford one. But Golden Homes has changed the Module of Property Investment with opportunities to pay up to five years (60 months) for your Investments and that to without any Interest or Documentation. With an experience of over eleven years in the field of Real Estate, some of our Customer Reviews will tell you about how they have gained up to 800% on their Investment. Concluding this Para, we can only say that the Group under the leadership of Mr. Milan Parikh has helped many to build their dream home and strived hard to create affordable and lucrative investment opportunities.

  The company over a period of eleven years acquired many Commercial and developed many Residential Projects and the net worth of the Group is over $25 million and with Investors from all over the Globe we are posting an overall growth of over 200% every year. Our ongoing Projects “The Golden Hill Lock – Phase III”, “Golden Blossom” and “Golden Heights” are the living example for our Market Stability.

   “The Golden Hill-Lock” was our first Project in Hubli, the Project was launched in Phases. The first and second Phase comprising 2000 Units were sold in a record time of ninety days i.e., a whooping 22 plots per day. Now, that has been possible only with the trust and support of our Investors /Customers and creating affordable and lucrative investment opportunities. Last but not the least the Company has a very strong Marketing Team comprising of more than 100 marketing consultants all over the country. They have been laid from all the walks of life like Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, MBAs and many more. With all this expertise and a vast experience Golden Homes Group will offer its Customers SAFE, SOUND & LUCRATIVE Investment Opportunities.